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Cloud Strife by on @deviantART

This is painting which I actually drew in I did another Final Fantasy fan art.OK I didn't play this game too. but this time I drew Cloud Strife from FF VII. It's pretty small dra.

rain wash away by kohn-nz on deviantART

Inspiring image anime girl, flower, manga, anime by Bobbym - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Cloud Strife, Advent Children

easy to make that promise"~ Cloud. Wallpaper and background photos of Cloud Strife for fans of Final Fantasy VII images.

So that's how Cloud Strife's sword works !

Cloud Strife's Fusion Swords from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. 7 blades that attach together into one buster sword. The laws of physics need not apply.

This was drawn when i first heard that they were making a sequel to FFVII. The wing idea was taken and shifted from the cloud of KH.