20 Kitchen DIY Ideas You Must Love

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Utilize tape to mark the area you wish to be become a chalkboard and utilize a roller to apply a couple coats of the paint.

10 проектов кухонь хрущовок kak-obustroit-kukhnyu-v-khrushchevke35

10 проектов кухонь хрущовок kak-obustroit-kukhnyu-v-khrushchevke35

DIY Kitchen Board Rack

15 Do it Yourself Hacks and Clever Ideas To Upgrade Your Kitchen 1

Get the cutting boards of your counter when not in use. DIY Kitchen Board Rack for inside your cabinet door.


This is a great kitchen with a unique idea for that corner cabinet space that is hard to use. These large shelves swing out from the back corner. I like the idea even more than the lazy susan.

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Resource that helps you in color selection, specially created with this aim;