Step by step tutorial on how to make your own diy hanging fruit basket.

Future kitchen idea-- Tutorial of a DIY "Farmers Market" fruit basket

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Creative Mason Jar DIY Ideas 10

11 Creative and Clever Space Saving Ideas ~~ easy, attractive solutions to common kitchen organization problems with step-by-step instructions and pictures

Aranżacje wnętrz - Kuchnia: Wnętrze mieszkania na Teofilowie - Duża otwarta kuchnia w kształcie litery l, styl skandynawski - Tu architekci. Przeglądaj, dodawaj i zapisuj najlepsze zdjęcia, pomysły i inspiracje designerskie. W bazie mamy już prawie milion fotografii!

fav colour combo altho wood a bit dark,prefer stainless bench

telescope rod and a couple small light weight baskets

EASY Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen {Quick Tips, Space Saving Tricks, Clever Hacks & Organizing Ideas} Easy Tips to Organize your Kitchen - Use small tension rods to hold wire baskets at an angle under the kitchen sink


This pull out drawer under kitchen cabinet is perfect for storing knives and saves counter space!

Cozinha pequena, apto 60m, vidro branco, revestimento da coifa preto em 3D, porcelanato acetinado cimento.

White and cream, black tile

Современный кухонный гарнитур | Студия  LESH (дизайн кухни, современная кухня, серый цвет, оформление кухни, декор кухни)

Дизайн квартиры в ЖК «Академ-Парк»

Seriously love EVERYTHING about this kitchen! The glossy grey cabinets, the under lights, the big funky backsplash, the recessed lighting and the pendent light, and the chair and table in the front.

Light kitchen in wood. Beige kitchen. Small modern kitchen. Дизайн интерьера кухни. Бежевая светлая кухня. Современная кухня.

Light kitchen in wood

Готовые дизайн-проекты квартир в домах серии П-44Т - Однушка правая - Кухня 6,9 м2

Small an comfy


Improve your culinary skills in a wonderful contemporary kitchen!

17 Interesting Life Changing Tips for Living in a Small Place

17 Interesting Life Changing Tips for Living in a Small Place

Use the back of a bathroom cabinet door for your trash. If I clean up the bathroom cabinet, this could be our solution to timber and Yoshi!

Small kitchen

¿Tienes una cocina pequeña y no sabes cómo decorarla?

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Ideas for Your Stunning Kitchen

Folding table at IKEA

Folding table at IKEA Easy to mod idea to gaming table

the rod and hooks in the picture might be an option for displaying mugs while still keeping them accessible.

Life in a Little Red Farmhouse: farmhouse decorating could put measuring cups and spoons with towel basket. I love the towel basket idea.

36 Inexpensive Kitchen Storage Ideas for a Tidy Kitchen and Cleaner Cabinets

Bring an outdoor wall planter indoors to free up counter space.