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sandwich light

This is a classic example of a really simple but beautiful lighting effect using layers of material that block the direct light but reflect it indirectly creating a very sophisticated and relaxing effect

DIY lights, these would be nice centerpieces or along window ledges- - - or candle boxes shaped liked this....hmmm

Use a poster board, any kind of squared wood for bottom with edges & Christmas lights; cut any size holes in posterboard; Christmas lights sit on bottom of square; shape the poster board & use a thin line of hot glue to hold them together = nightlight.

Use dowel and pot magnet to pick up screws, use the bag so you don't have to pull all the screws off the dowel

Pick up loose screws nails in seconds, minus the dust. Screw a pot magnet (at most home centers) on the end of a wood dowel to create your “picker-upper.”Place an inside-out sandwich bag over the magnet and start sweeping the area.