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Fine line tattoos are generally tiny, highly detailed and strictly monochrome. This tattoing style has been achieved thanks to the improvements made with tattoo machines, needles and inks. Nowadays artists are able to add more detail to their work.

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The Popularity of Geometric Tattoos for Men Geometric tattoos for men have increasingly become one of the most popular and fastest developing genres of tattooing styles, preferably amongst men, compared to other styles.

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I like this for the sternum tattoo, but without the water colour. I do not htink I should add geometric shapes around the mountains as it may be too similar to my HP and future foot tattoo :) maybe add moon, find outline of rocky mountains.

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culturenlifestyle: “ Stunning Dreamlike Circular Tattoos by Eva Krbdk Istanbul-based artist Eva Krbdk composes beautiful miniature tattoos with a spellbinding and magical quality.