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a young man sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and wearing a black shirt
a young man holding a microphone up to his mouth
Exo Members
a young man holding his hand up to his face
a boy with glasses and a pen in his mouth
a young man standing in an airport with his luggage and smiling at the camera while wearing glasses
a woman standing on top of a stage holding a microphone in her hand and wearing white pants
Baekhyun Lonsdaleite
a man wearing a headset while laying in bed
a male in a white suit and headphones is holding a microphone to his ear
a young man wearing a baseball cap and looking at the camera
a man with glasses on his head looking at something in front of him and wearing a black t - shirt
Rapper, Taekook, Dancer
a young man standing in front of a blue wall wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants