Wool Felt Coin Purse Wallet ♥

Wool Felt Coin Purse Wallet ø Small Make Up Bag ø Hand Embroidered ø Sweet Blossoms ø LoftFullOfGoodies ø Stocking Stuffer ø Holiday Gift

Sweet Blossoms Made To Order Hand Embroidered Wool Felt Coin Purse (mk) like idea of embroidery with buttons

wallacegardens:    Turkish woven textile, tulips, late 16th Century, silk and silver lamella. The tulips represent true-to-life depictions of Turkish plants, but with the added abstract emblem-like elements.

Islamic textile w/gold & silver thread and tulip motif.Lampas-woven textile with tulips, silk and silver lamella Turkey; half of century, Ottoman Empire

Bullion Roses and knots what a beautiful piece by Trudy Horne.

Close-up of embroidered wreath made with bullion knots, French knots lazy daisies. Worked on a white cambric linen collar, these colors will coordinate with a variety of solids and prints for garment. Made by Trudy Horne.