Skam / Evak lockscreen. Credit to @skamlockscreens on twitter

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Skam seasons according to the people. Season three-Isak and Even. Season four-Sana

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The couple that didn’t have to kiss and cuddle all the time to be awesome.

skam is fucking me up but i don't care because YOUSEF LOOKS AT SANA LIKE SHE'S WORTH THE WORLD and this is all i care about ScreamingInNorwegian

Elias gets completely smashed, so Yousef calls Sana for help. On the way home, Yousef and Sana share some deep religious insights.


Every character passed experiences that make their friendship becomes stronger.

Sana og Yousef | SKAM sesong 4

Sana struggles with being a practicing Muslim and hanging with her friends, specially Vilde discussing her sex life. Sana and the rest of the girls goes to a party with Sanas brother Elias and his friends, Yousef, Mikael, Adam and Mutta.