Book Clock

Colorful, funny, creative, ideal for bookshelf time piece. It's all about the Karlsson Table Clock Book. The hours are cunningly disguised as book titles. Thanks to this clock

Rug - Tejo Remy (made of old wool rugs folded and sewn together for comfort).

item: accidental carpet designers: tejo remy and rene veenhuizen, netherlands material: recycled blankets photos via: apartment .

Pushed Washtub | Jongeriuslab design studio

Jongeriuslab design studio by Designer Hella Jongerius

Cosy Chair by SMAQ - "inhabitable radiator space"

MILAN 2008: Droog Design 'A Touch of Green'

Cosy Chair by SMAQ - "inhabitable radiator space"

Renny Ramakers—"Less is more, but only if it adds something of meaning, if it makes space for something else." (2002)

Co-founder and director of Droog, Renny Ramakers curates design exhibitions, is a judging panellist on various design boards and leads lectures and workshops worldwide.

Droog Design

Rag chair by Tejo Remy - droog: This chair is layered from the contents of 15 bags of rags. It arrives ready made but the user has the option to recycle its own discarded clothes to be included in the.

The Robot Book by Thomas Jackson

The Robot Book by Thomas Jackson tableau robots photobooks books

"This coffee maker is assembled form reject material."

"This coffee maker is assembled form reject material.

Rag chair designed by Tejo Remy

"Droog Rag Chair" by Tejo Remy. Layered chair from 15 bags of rags OR! you can send in your own rags to be included in the design. Little pricey though.

Tejo Remy - Milk bottle lamp (Found goods transformed)

The iconic droog design milk bottle lamp (single).