Dana Hammoud

Dana Hammoud

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Dana Hammoud
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Aboriginal holocaust in the 1800's

Aboriginal holocaust in the still to today. Great Job Australia of banning guns only on the natives and not your superior class. Slavery and human trade still goes on in Australia today but they call is "children abduction for a better life"!

we as Africans have no friends. respect your African brotha and sista. I'm not African American but this pisses me the hell out.this better not be happening right know? How have I not heard of this?

“Black people did not "come to this country seeking a better life.” They were kidnapped from their homes in Africa, dragged in chains and loaded onto slave ships–treated not like human beings but like things, commodities to be traded and used to.


"LEST WE FORGET.Slave owners forced slaves to NURSE their children and babies during slavery! Yes, it's a fact.This photo depicts ~ An African mother and slave, presumably wet-nursing for a white master’s baby while her own child goes without.