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Alexander Korshunov

Alexander Korshunov
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Death is not extinction. Neither the soul nor the body is extinguished or put out of existence. ~ Oliver Joseph Lodge,  British physicist

Just a regular DMT trip your body will experience every night which we call a dream. Lets all take a couple hits of dream, extinguish our egos and open our minds to the ignorance and destruction we collectively cause.

Pleiadian Teachings on Sexuality & Consciousness - Psychedelic Adventure

Under Root Healing: Speaking Your Truth: Thyroid and Throat Chakra Balancing. Thyroid disorders mimic other mental illnesses such as bipolar. This is definitely something I need to look into more.

The Gate of The Ancients by J Löf

Painted and visioned by Jussi Lof and Samuli Kivinummi. "The Gate" is a psychedelic fusion of Aztec calendar and ancient Egyptian zodiac.