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Тао 타오 Настоящее имя: 黄子韬 Хуан Цзытао 황지타오 Дата рождения: 2 мая 1993 Z.Tao — китайский рэпер, певец, актёр, автор песен и мастер боевых искусств, бывший участник южно-корейско-китайской группы EXO-М.

Tao's mama stage was awesome eventhough he didn't have much lines that's one of the reasons for missing him😟

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Bright Stars, Sky, Heaven

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sehun and chanyeol trying to strip tao ... my new heroes ! #exo

sehun and chanyeol trying to strip tao . i remebr this tao got shy and tried to close his shirt and button it up but they kept pulling on it then tao gave an ok sign lol yess

Z. Tao USA

How is he not a model yet? This was just taken at the airport by a fan who most likely had to just take a quick shot but like look at how flawless he looks? Like where is his modeling contract with gucci?

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0068Ow59ly1fgsmi14eihj32qj3nd1l2.jpg (3547×4729)

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