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three clear bubbles hanging from a metal hook on a black background with light reflecting off them
LED-lamp with soap-bubbles - By: Front for Booo (photo: Jörg Zimmermann, Stylepark).
three different views of the same table and chairs in front of a blue car with red circles on it
Очумелые ручки (hand-made) — Темы | OK.RU
a boy sitting on top of a wooden block with an orange painted rock climbing wall
This playful bar stool uses rock climbing hand grips as foot rests to meet your feet wherever they f
12 Steps is a cushioned chair design that features a system of footrests in the style of hand and foot grips on a climbing rock wall. VIEW MORE NOW!
two pictures of hands with chains on them, one being chained to a book and the other is open
Double page layouts in editorial design - Flipsnack Blog
a wooden chair sitting on top of a white floor next to a yellow object in front of it
Counterpoise Chair by Kaptura de Aer
an open book with stained glass designs on the front and back cover, sitting on a white surface
ara-canada – Flash of the Hand
ara-canada – Flash of the Hand