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20 ярких фраз товарища Молотова Молотов, Сталин, Калинин, Ворошилов на XVI съезде ВКП (б), 1930 год

Comrade Molotov Molotov, Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov at the XVI Congress of the CPSU (b), 1930

Имам Шамиль (сидит) с сыновьями (стоят)

Imam Shamil June 1797 – 4 February was an Avar political and religious leader of the Muslim tribes of the Northern Caucasus. He was a leader of anti-Russian resistance in the Caucasian War and was the third Imam of the Caucasian Imamate

Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov with his parents, tsar Nicholas II and tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna.

Last Imperial family of Russia: Tsar Nicolas II., his wife Alexandra holding newborn Tsarevich Alexei. They are sorrounded by four Grand Duchesses - eldest Olga hangs onto her father´s arm, while t.