Alexey Grigorevskiy

Alexey Grigorevskiy

C#, ASP.NET, XNA Framework developer.
Alexey Grigorevskiy
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League of Legends | Katarina cosplay

Cosplayer: Kinpatsu Cosplay Character: Katarina From: League of Legends Photographer: GiantShev Cosplay & Photography Country: South Africa

Noob Saibot by ~ShashinKaihi on deviantART

for a number of reasons visually appealing tons of potential for a varied kit; easy to work with for the "varied playstyles" pretty cool.

Hild! from Oh! My Goddess!

Hottest Comic-Con outfits and costumes. Sexy cosplay costumes from Comiccon. Hottest Comic-con San Diego International coslay all time.