Soviet propaganda poster. Reject that vodka! Lol...why would you do that?!

NO! one of my favourite propaganda posters.

World War Two Poster #bombgirls

US WWII war time propaganda: "Know your place. Shut your face"

"Slava velikomu Stalinu" "Viva el Gran Stalin"

An analysis of the hidden hand gesture in famous portraits and its relation with Freemasonry.

Keep your mouth shut! N. Vatolina, N. Denisov, 1941

A Soviet war poster "Don't chat! Chatting leads to treason"

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Vintage Soviet tea advertising poster: "Tea, a healthy drink" (also in a nice Soviet porcelain teapot, probably Dulevo)

Good advice! "If you don't read books, you will forget grammar."

"If you don't read books, you will forget grammar." If you don’t read books, you will forget grammar.

Одиноким предоставляется общежитие. 1983

Одиноким предоставляется общежитие. 1983

Полосатый рейс. 1961

Полосатый рейс. 1961

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