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Last year we posted an article about young Romanian iconographers creating traditional icons looking partially to modern art for elements to include in their work. With the spiritual renewal of R…

M.Iconographer Qirjako Kosova (Gridesign-Iconography)

M.Iconographer Qirjako Kosova (Gridesign-Iconography)

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Технические приемы / Портал Слово - изографам

Технические приемы / Портал Слово - изографам

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Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Christian Paintings, Orthodox Icons, Medieval Art, Tempera, Religious Art, Painting Techniques, Wings

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Byzantine studies and other essayshark Looking for Byzantine Studies? Find out information about Byzantine Studies, a branch of medieval studies that represents a complex of scholarly fields—the history.

Розпис кафедрального собору (купо..

Розпис кафедрального собору (купо.. Υπεραγια Θεοτοκος Υπεραγια Θεοτοκος