I found the original pattern for this finally with some help on Ravelry. I wanted to add the link so I don't lose it!! <3 http://hitherandyarn.wordpress.com/free-knitting-patterns/pioneer-braid-scarf/

Pioneer Braid Scarf

Pioneer Braid Scarf Specifications: As written, requires approximately 300 yards m) of worsted weight yarn (approximately 20 stitches per 4 cm in stockinette stitch) to make a scarf…

Step-by-Step Domino Knitting Tutorial

Step-by-Step Domino Knitting Tutorial; Watch tv and knit blocks. One should always have an uncomplicated piece.

Knitting pattern for Dragon Baby Blanket - #ad Easy quick pattern for a blanket…

On Ravelry as Dragon Baby Blanket. * Knitting pattern for Dragon Baby Blanket - Easy quick pattern for a blanket that got its name because the stitch resembles scales. Looks great in multi-color yarn!

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DROPS Knitting Tutorial: How to knit domino knit

In this DROPS video we show you how to knit a half domino square (vertical). We already picked up stitches along one edge of the domino square and we knit as.

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This is incredible. No pattern, but this would be an amazing stitch to learn.


Originally made one size for a little todler. On Schoolhouse Press you can find pattern for all sizes.