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ArtStation - 'DARK MATTER' Concept Art - Season 2 Episode 9, Jeff Bartzis

A Concept piece I did, for season 2 of SyFy channel's Dark Matter television series, during my time at FuseFX in Vancouver Canada. I had to design the top of the space elevator which connects to the Dwarf Star tower down on the Planet's surface.

Spaceship - Concept by leccotamura /

Leccotamura Type: public transport Quantity: billion Capacity: 38 Manufacturer: kiracorp Description: even though extremely well made and reliable, horizon republic stopped receiving them after the war since kiracorp was supporting enemy groups.

UNE by otomozok

Page 3 - Exclusive and rendered wallpapers for the desktop background based on the high-res digital art of some of the finest computer generated graphic artists in the world.

USS Diligent by Euderion

The USS Diligent The Diligent-class was a class of heavy escort that saw service in Starfleet during the late century. The Diligent class was built.

The Orville by Euderion

The USS Orville, Scout and Explorer of the Planetary Union. I have watched now, the first four episodes of "Star Trek Discovery", and "The Orville" and . The Orville

Star Citizen Valkyrie Fighter by Euderion

Valkyrie Fighter from Star Citizen (or at least based of a Star Citizen design). The Valkyrie is a sleek spaceship with strong ergonom.

Orbital Rail Gun Platform by SteveReeves

This is a future concept for an orbital weapon to defend against rogue asteroids that get a shade too close to Earth.

In the sci-fi game Dreadnought, you take the helm of a gargantuan spaceship for all-out tactical action warfare in space and across the skies of distant worlds.

The Nox is the only Artillery Cruiser with a firing arc, which gives it the ability to shoot targets at any angle. While its Particle Turrets inflict only moderate damage, they're quick to reload-and a perfect complement to a ship that travels light.

размеры космического крейсера - Поиск в Google

Type : Heavy battleship / dreadnought Manufacturer : Savrasi shipyards In service : 2524 Country of origin : Sinklait Used by : Sinklait Production Unit. BB Type O