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Logo Inspirations - "Victory Ranch Club" *You can't go wrong using an eagle on a logo they are majestic and convey power and respect, this logo (eagle) would fit perfectly on any football helmet.    *** Me encanta la forma del águila excelente idea para logos deportivos.

Victory Ranch Cub - I like the look of this logo. It stands out, as there aren't many logo that are very similar. Obviously the eagle creates the 'V' for Victory ranch club, while still being recognizable. Overall a good logo, and easily discernible.

When i look at this logo it feels trusting and courage. Although iam not sure the product or the company its still a well done logo.

I was thrown off when I first saw it panthera leo. I just read it as panther leo at first and was confused.

The question of how important a law firm logo is in the grand scheme of attorney marketing and practice building is still a matter of some debate online. A recent post on engendered an unnecessarily confrontational discussion among commenters about the wisdom of spending any time or money on a logo at all. Why bother, some argued; no one hires an attorney based on a logo alone.

Law firm marketing debate: What can a logo do for you?