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a classroom with the text game changer teacher hacks on it's wall
25 Teacher Hacks for a Successful Classroom
One more teacher hack is to use a full length mirror to attach at an angle above the white board. The angle will give full vision of the classroom full of children behind you.
someone is holding three plastic cups in their hand with the words solve for the questions on them
Classroom Easter Egg Hunt - Not So Wimpy Teacher
Classroom Easter Egg Hunt
classroom reward cards that won't break the bank
Stories By Storie
Classroom Rewards That Won't Break the Bank (FREEBIE) - If you're looking for creative ways to reward your students without digging into your pockets, check out these free reward coupons!
a book in a cardboard box with the title a squiggy story written on it
9 Books that Get Kids Writing in Writers Workshop
Here are 9 books that get kids writing in writers workshop. These mentor text books will help your students find ideas for their narrative stories.
a blackboard with some writing on it and an image of a tablet next to it
Close Learning Gaps
MobyMax Reading Skills is a FREE Curriculum for K-8 Schools that helps students critically analyze complex informational texts. Students learn how to explain key ideas and details, understand the structure of informational texts, integrate knowledge and ideas, and use evidence to support points. MobyMax is specifically designed for teachers.
a white button that says i'm invisible with multicolored dots on it
Guided Reading Book Study Chapter 1 |
When the light's on, students may not talk to you. Krazy About Kiddos: Brain Breaks, Center Light, and Dismissal Routine
a book cover with the words, what's it place value math game?
How to teach Place Value in Math with this easy game. More math with movement activities for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and beyond.
a sign that says stop is your name and the date on your paper? you name and the date with a highlighter, then turn your work in
I used this last year in my classroom, and it works wonders! I don't think I could teach a year without it!
a colorful poster with the words free parent notes on it and pictures of children in different colors
FREE Parent Notes
Relieve some of the stress from the beginning of the year! These Parent Notes…
reading at home can make a huge difference to your child's life and help them learn how to read
Reading At Home - Tips For Parents
All Students Can Shine: Reading At Home - Tips For Parents