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To be able to bring out your very best work, an ideal study room design is critical. The term study gives a true awareness of motivation. The well-designed study room enables the student to do away with distractions.

How to Subtly Make Your Kids Clean Their Bedrooms - Interior design - Cleaning children' bedrooms is a struggle that is widely known across the world.

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When sharing a living space, there needs to be enough room for all of you. An EXPEDIT shelving unit is a great way to divide a rooms and get additional storage space.

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20 pictures of inspiring young adult bedrooms. Need a creative boost? Check out these 20 amazing ideas!

The new trend of kid’s study room design comes with exciting mixes of patterns, which are perfect for creating the ambience for study and learning.

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Check Out 23 Adorable Scandinavian Kids Rooms Design Ideas. Design your children’s space in Scandinavian style, in black, grey and white but as it’s a kids’ space, add some colors that your little ones love.