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So proud of and thankful to have a man so wise and unafraid to stand up for all his beliefs, knowing that the kingdom of the Lord will have the ultimate power. And as from the beginnig, I will stand behind his decisions always with love and support as and Godly partner should want to do :) #blessedblessedblessed #amazed at the bond between this father and son :)

Anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants. People shouldn't pretend they are the best parent when someone else is raising their child

Two things I can't stand : 1. A liar 2. A liar that gets mad when you don't believe the lies they are telling you. Narcissistic trait.

A liar who claims to hate lies and judges everyone else but refuses to look in the mirror; A liar who gets mad at you for exposing their lie (unintentionally) and paints YOU as the bad person.

Exactly what on earth did I do for you to do all this? I cuss all the time get pissed off call you childish but why on earth would you ever humiliate me like this . What is wrong? I can tell why I'm upset but why the fuck are you doing this

Yaaasss don't judge me you don't know me

You’re a wacko bitch! Funny thing think I’m the one who’s crazy and have no clue that I have never done the things you have done. To stoop so’re the white trash. Brian’s better off without you!