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Armhole wrap dress cover up

Cute tunic without patern

Adventures with Knits…

Looks like the EASIEST dress making tutorial ever!

Land blouse minimal fashion mode Dutch design Amsterdam Linda Erkens sober details

Land blouse by Linda Erkens

スリットスリーブハイネックニット・全4色トップス・カットソーニット・セーター|レディースファッション通販 DHOLICディーホリック [ファストファッション 水着 ワンピース]

Mangas e cuff links

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nice detial if extending a skirt because too fitted, instead of adding a ribbon of fabric, allow the bottom to have a flap each side and add lace

Переделка вещей-идеи 3. Back view inspiration


Coat back with sheer panel & radiating darts

Необычный "капюшон" (выкройка) / Головные уборы / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Шьём красиво!!

Unusual 'капюшон' (patterns) \/ Headdresses \/ Second Street

БЛУЗКА Origami Strip

БЛУЗКА Origami Strip

Guayabera by Lina Cantillo

Guayabera by Lina Cantillo


Sweatshirt & shirt sewn together

Viktor & Rolf Gathered Effect Sweatshirt - Gaudenzi -

Viktor & Rolf Gathered Effect Sweatshirt - Farfetch

Rue de Beautreillis - lovely

Cute back detail: Rue de Beautreillis Make this on the arched hem of a man's shirt

Wearable Art - Lynn and K Meta Reintsema

Origami belt by Freak Factory. This accessory is built up as a modern belt, which consists of many folded-up origami style ornaments. The shape of the belt frames up the hips. This accessory may be tied up both at the front and back.


rebuilt jeans by Needles

Интересная деталь рукава / Детали / Своими руками - выкройки, переделка одежды, декор интерьера своими руками - от ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

GUSSET - SMART at CUFF -- linen poets blouse part 2 sleeve detail - looks like a gusset inset in the seam