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an article in the paper with words written on it
two screens showing different types of text
an image of a computer screen with text in the bottom right corner and on the left side
the text in this document is clearly visible for all of us to see on their own page
"The Tiffany Problem" and Other Historical Misconceptions - full Tumblr thread
Sayings, Motivation, Feelings, Fun Facts, Singing Classes, Truth
an old camera with a pipe attached to it's back end and the caption below
the united states map with different colors
A screenshot of a Tumblr post that reads: As much as I love 'I would kill for you', it kinds really loses its impact if the person sayign it is a villain who already kills at the slightest provocation. 'I would refrain from killing for you, I would spare them all if you asked me' is a very sexy alternative, and a much more powerful declaration of love coming from a character prone to violence. Writing Memes, Writing Dialogue Prompts, Writing Promps, Wattpad, Writing Promts, Prompt
I would Refrain for you