The Curonian spit, a 100 km long and 0.4-4 km wide piece of land on the Baltic sea, shared between Russia and Lithuania #lithuania

100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows. Curonian Spit (shared between Lithuania Russia) is a long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast. A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Panorama of Malbork Castle, part 4.jpg

Malbork Castle - is the largest castle in the world by surface area, and the largest brick building in Europe. It was built in Prussia by the Teutonic Knights, a German Roman Catholic religious order of crusaders, in a form of an Ordensburg fortress.

Турция, Стамбул

Турция, Стамбул

Международный аэропорт Чанги   	 Сингапур

With nightlife in Singapore, the city-state practically transforms itself from an ever-so-efficient business hub to a buzzing network of bars and nightclubs as soon as the sun goes down.

Discover Europos Parkas in Joneikiškės, Lithuania: A curious art sculpture park in the geographic center of Europe.


Is Latvia on your travel bucket list? There are castles and forest clad blue hills, hearty balkan cuisine and buzzing cities.