'Meow' by Lora Zombie - Beautiful watercolor prints for art and cat lovers. Check out the art of Lora Zombie - http://www.eyesonwalls.com/collections/lora-zombie?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=ads&utm_campaign=Lora%20Zombie%20Spring&utm_content=Meow

"Meow" is a beautiful watercolor by Lora Zombie, a self-taught Russian artist who is growing in popularity on the contemporary art scene. A self-described Grunge Artist, Zombie uses vibrant and bold watercolors to depict pop-culture subjects and themes.

The Secret Life of Heroes Part II – Fubiz Media

The Secret Life of Heroes Part II

HR Giger.

HR Giger's work is frightening, erotic, challenging, polarizing, nightmarishly…

francesco albano 1

Francesco Albano’s human grotesque body sculptures drip, melt, hang, and often appear to be boneless. (This chair makes me laugh so hard)

print & pattern

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