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the ruins at machchulan are surrounded by green grass and rocks, with mountains in the background -&nbspmakingourlivesbetter Resources and Information.
Machu Picchu, Peru
multiple images of different types of water and land in the middle of an ocean area
Some places to visit before you die
Some places to visit before you die
the words 16 useful travel website you probably didn't know about
16 Useful Travel Websites You Probably Didn't Know About
16 Useful Travel Websites You Probably Didn't Know About
the inside of an ornate building with arched windows and arches on the ceiling is shown
The place you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek
Abandoned castle, Italy ( Humm... does anyone have more detail about this place.?? Looks too nice to be an abandoned place. )
an empty beach with clear blue water and white sand
35 Beautiful Beaches Where You Can Swim In The World’s Clearest Water-
Crete, Greece
a cabin on the shore of a lake surrounded by trees
Kenai Fjords, Alaska
the beach is surrounded by large rocks and water at dusk with purple skies in the background
illa Roja
illa Roja. Costa Brava, Spain. - Whether you're looking for sandy beaches, rocky coves, tranquil villages or mountain scenery, Spain's Costa Brava has something to offer you. Situated in the north-east of the country overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa Brava region enjoys hot summers and mild winters, making it an all-year-round holiday destination.
an aerial view of a city with mountains in the background and birds flying over it
Climbing Sugar Loaf by Bianca Prodescu / 500px
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
an ocean beach with waves crashing on the shore and clouds in the sky above it
Patrick Smith
Kauai, Hawaii
a large field filled with lots of green plants next to a castle on top of a hill
Switzerland Tourism | Places to Visit in Switzerland: TripHobo
Chateau D’Aigle | Switzerland
many hot air balloons flying in the sky above some hills and valleys with trees on each side
19 Of The Most Beautiful Places To Live In The World-
Balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey
three people riding bikes on a bridge over water in front of a large building with spires
an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by snow covered mountains
Lac de Sils - Switzerland
two people sitting on a bench next to a lamp post in front of a body of water
Travel Around World – Amsterdam
an aerial view of the city at night
Fairy tale city - Prague, Czech Republic