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"Cat" hat has leather kittens and ball of yarn.

Whimsically awesome "cat" hat featuring leather kittens and a ball of yarn. Life magazine, Jul just the hat for all you cat and woollly lovers out there , i want one to wear when knitting it would be the hat du jour

Heh, never gonna forget Spock's apparent love for cats. Since he's Spock I'm sure he'd rather I say toleration, but that would be a lie. #StarTrek #Spock

"Quite a lovely animal, captain. I find myself strangely drawn to it." Spock (see if spooks a cat person we can't all be crazy)

How To Focus Better, Boost Concentration & Avoid Distractions #memory #study #productivity #focus

How To Focus Better, Boost Concentration and Avoid Distractions by improving your memory with dreams and proper sleep.

Leonard Nimoy, I love this pic!

aconitum-trek: “ tesstress: “ My Weekly Spock–Coffee Break It’s Monday. ” In which Leonard Nimoy again manages to look adorably dawky.

Haarkon Kew Gardens Conservatory Glasshouse Princess Wales Greenhouse

The Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew is right up our street. Not geographically, but certainly in terms of architecture, horticulture and that 'it just feels right' feeling.