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5 Seconds of Summer au Centre Bell de Montréal en juillet | HollywoodPQ.com

5 Seconds of Summer gushed that their friendship was already founded even before the band exist and they will remain friends forever.

5sos- when Michael's hair had blue << how amazing would you feel if they all found you're Pinterest and followed you and commented on all the pictures you pinned of them then told you they love you

guyssss in the 'Try Hard' music video Luke doesn't have his lip piercing yet, and it says in the song "I pierce my lip so she thinks I'm cool". They were basically warning us that Luke was planning on it.

All posters are rolled and in plastic, and are brand new. Buy 3 and save 20% on your order of any of my posters! You can mix and match ones so simply click add to cart for each one and then pay altoge

5 Seconds of Summer - Headache - Official Poster <<-- Finally found it in my local HMV! (In your own bc idk if you have the same one.

☼ чσu'rє mч rαч σf sunshínє ☼ píntєrєst- @hєчítscαtrínα

(FC: Michael Clifford) Hi i'm Michael, I'm in a band called 5 seconds of summer, you might have heard of us. My sister is Lexi, you hurt her and i'll hurt you.


[ FC: Michael Clifford ]: [ rebel ] "Hi, I'm Michael. Aspen is my baby sister and I'm very protective of her. I'm in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. I like food, music and Pokémon. I also say balls way too much. So, introduce?