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Jean Fautrier (May 1898 — July was a French painter, illustrator, printmaker, and sculptor. He was one of the most important practitioners of Tachisme.Jean Fautrier was born in Paris in…

Jean Fautrier

Jean Fautrier, Alberto Burri

Fautrier, Jean: Fine Arts, After 1945 in Europe

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Jean Fautrier, Tachisme

After being detained by the Gestapo for his involvement with the Resistance during World War II, Jean Fautrier began working on the series "Hos

Jean Fautrier - Head of a Hostage, Fautrier's work was admired by men as different as Andre Malraux and Gunter Sachs, but not Sachs' second wife, Brigitte Bardot (who wasn't shy about telling Malraux so).