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Alexander Belyaev-Konovaloff

Alexander Belyaev-Konovaloff
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On the of April during the Indian Mutiny, the Foot (later the Royal Irish Rifles) stormed the supposedly impregnable fortress of Jhansi, winning three Victoria Crosses.

Irish Guard Machine gun team - 1914. None of the men photographed here would survive the war.

Not a single soldier from this Irish Guards machine gun team 1914 survived the horrific slaughter on the battlefield

North West Frontier India 1897 Officers in khaki drill, the one on the right newly arrived on the Frontier

Wargaming & painting figures of the periods I'm interested in, such as Lords of the Rings, Colonial/Darkest Africa and World War I & II

South Africa,1899: 1:Pte.,1st Royal Dragoons.2:Pte.,2nd Bn. Royal Irish Fusilliers.

South Africa,1899: 1:Pte.,1st Royal Dragoons.2:Pte.,2nd Bn. Royal Irish Fusilliers.

The Battle of Maiwand on 27 July 1880 was one of the principal battles of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Under the leadership of Ayub Khan, the Afghans defeated two brigades of British and Indian troops under Brigadier-General George Burrows, though at a high price: between 2,050 and 2,750 Afghan warriors were killed, and probably about 1,500 wounded.

British Infantry Afghanistan & Sudan box contains 36 plastic multipose British Infantry designed for the Second Afghan War, Sudan and the Third Anglo- Burmese War. It also includes unit bases and an information sheet with 8 flags.

Infantry from the Carleton and York Regiment (3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Division), advancing through Campochiaro, Italy on 23 October 1943. Colourization by @marinamaral2.

Over the body of a dead comrade, Canadian infantrymen advance cautiously up a narrow lane in Campochiaro, Italy, on Nov. The Germans left the town as the Canadians advanced, leaving only nests of snipers to delay the progress.

Defence of the Hospital. Rorke's Drift 1879

Zulu War 1879 - Privates Robert Jones, Henry Hook, William Jones and John Williams Fielding at Rorkes Drift Mission Station defend the hospital. All survived and would receive the Victoria Cross