Ladybug brooch red black handcrafted Lady cow от PurePearlBoutique

Ladybug brooch red black handcrafted Lady cow by PurePearlBoutique

WIP of a pearl flower done by Larissa Borodich. This pin has been removed twice because of copyright complaint. Funny! I am the copyright holder! It is MY WORK AND MY PHOTO! I will keep uploading it!

High Relief Pearl Embroidery – Close Ups and Tips

High Relief Pearl and Goldwork Embroidery - Larissa Borodich - The tulips were embroidered separately over a foundation filled from the back with polyfil, cut out, finished, and then applied to the frame.

Птицы Юлии Гориной (Julia Gorina)

Miniature hand painted natural silk, cotton and Swarovski crystal beaded textile 'CRYSTAL SWAN' brooch . by Julia Gorina

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