7 days of embroidery stitches

7 days of stitches: 7 basic embroidery stitches you need to learn

Are you intimidated by trying out embroidery stitches? Learn the most basic embroidery stitches 1 day at a time with the 7 days of stitches series!

hand embroidered denim DIY

DIY: Hand Embroidered Denim

hand embroidered denim DIY

Juliana Salazar #STREET365 CHRONICLESOFHER.com

shirt dress reference, in linen or chambre type feel. button front so it can be worn a bit sexier is a nice option. elastic back with soft draw string front for not too much gathering on front

Ribbon Embroidery, Ribbon Sewing

موقع يهتم بجديد الموضة والأناقة مع تعليم جميع فنون الخياطة والاعمال اليدوية

جبت ليكم أجمل ماكين في التنبات شي حاجة ديال دابا الرررروعة perlage 2018

Shoulder details are one of my favorite embellishment ideas. It really balances out my pear shape