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two cartoon characters in surgical garb on a hospital bed
a cartoon boy sitting at a desk with an object in his hand and the caption student during exam
H.S.C pesh karta h Khas 23 feb se 3 ghante ka rangarang Karyakrm, "UD GAYE TOTE" watch live from 11am onwards in examination hall n experiece d thunder. Ana Jarur.
the meme is showing that there are many memes on this page, and it's funny
two green lizards sitting on top of each other with caption that reads, relatives of patients admitted in deluxe rooms during doctor's rounds
an advertisement with arabic writing on the side of a bus
an image of the different types of people in ninjas costumes with text that reads, physical
a comic strip with an image of two men talking to each other and the caption says
an image of medical cartoon with doctors talking to each other about what they are doing
three men standing next to a cow with a sign that says propel koh
an image of a cartoon character with many things in his hand and the caption says, aesthesiollogist today's time