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a collage of different types and sizes of pictures on a white background with text that reads fotomat
a person holding up a piece of glass with the word bark written on it in front of some plants
Ray Kunimoto / 國本怜 (@raykunimoto) / X
Ray Kunimoto / 國本怜(@raykunimoto)さん | Twitter
the business card is designed to look like it has been painted in pink and gold
Download premium vector of Minimal pink business card template vector by Ning about business card, business card template, two card design, feminine business card template, and gold words 599210
Minimal pink business card template vector | premium image by / NingZk V. / wan
a person is holding some business cards in their hand
Trendy Design Card Business Logo Inspiration 53 Ideas
Trendy Design Card Business Logo Inspiration 53 Ideas #design
three business cards sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other with yellow lettering
transparent plastic business card
Would you like to make a transparent plastic business card design? you click just on image and continue to hire me, or click on contact me. Also you can contact me by Email. #frostedplasticbusinesscard #transparentplasticbusinesscard #transparentbusinesscards #uniquebusinesscard #plasticbusinesscard #clearbusinesscard #plasticcard #clearplasticbusinesscard #businesscard #businesscarddesign #roundedbusinesscard #visitingcard #creativebusinesscard
a yellow business card with an abstract design on the front and back side, sitting on top of a gray background
Creative Student Business Card Template
This business card template creative and suitable for any student. It has the right blend of colors, graphics and appropriate typography that make it versatile for any student to customize and use.
two business cards with the name lindaa waterson on them, sitting next to each other
This item is unavailable | Etsy
two business cards with the words brash on them in red and pink ink, against a gray background
Jot Press
BRASH business card printed by Jot Paper Co. Red pigment foil onto Colorplan Candy Pink 540gsm. Design by Natalie Price.
a black business card with the word wantful on it sitting on a wooden surface
Wantful Cards
Blind deboss on two sheets of black/white Cranes 110lb sandwiched together.
two business cards with mountains cut out of them on top of a black and white table
Instagram 上的 李國連:「 我們是直接製造商,生產一條龍,沒有仲介,本身從事相關有30年,有豐富經驗,可以為客人提供各種技術顧問 line id:icashprint #雷射雕刻 #凸版名片 #名片 #精緻名片 #名片設計 #特殊名片 #黑卡 #商標設計 #設計 #滾邊燙金 #打凸 #燙金 #室內設計… 」