Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring

Serve up a crowd-pleaser with this Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring! Incredibly easy to make with a harmony of spicy and cooling ingredients. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or easy appetizer.

Diesel Torque versus Petrol Power

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Momofuku's Pulled Pork _ This comes from David Chang (of beloved Momofuku) & his new magazine Lucky Peach. This is the pulled pork Chang sticks in Momofuku's pork buns, bowls of ramen, etc. We scarf the crispy, juicy, salty pork on its own!

Maybe on a smaller scale, but this would be awesome to store unsold paintings or adapted for quilts for sale in a studio. You can stagger them for an art studio tour.allowing patrons to walk around each one. Great for showcasing samples too

Keep yourself toasty with a Northface fleece. Check out these awesome prices!

De gauche à droite : détail dos robe de mariée 2015 "Albane", "Angélique", "Esther", "Hortense", "Ella" et "Maya" Marie Laporte 가운데 오른쪽 뒷모습

99 Crossfit WOD — running, push ups, burpees, squats! - Plan to do this Saturday morning, wish me luck :) - Full Body Workout

Most men don’t have ideas regarding to what they should wear to look modest in dress , but, some simple ideas for men’s fashion

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Stumpwork Embroidery Pea Pods and Pink Flowers from Right Panel of Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

20 Amazing Back/Front yard Ideas that Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

in case we ever have a nice enough backyard for entertaining.DIY Pallet Outdoor Bar and Stools