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an aerial view of clouds and mountains with the letter g above them
AG – Das fertige Logo
AG - Das fertige Logo - #AG #Das #fertige #logo
the letter o in a circle on a black background with white letters and an image of a
Learn Logo Design with #LogoCore
a flyer for a burger house restaurant
Burger House Flyer
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the burger house flyer is displayed on a dark background
Posters | Burger House
the wildboott farm logo is shown in black and white, with an image of a
Wildroot Farm mark
Wildroot Farm mark
the website for honey company is displayed in this screenshote, with images of jars and
State Street Honey — Jess Glebe Design
State Street Honey Packaging
a woman standing in front of a field with the words petrichor on it
Layout - Something more elegant perhaps? Pretty high brow but if you liked this we could do something of the sort.
an array of black and gold brochures are shown in this graphic art style
Branding for The True Honey Co. by Marx Design — BP&O
The True Honey Co. by Marx Design, New Zealand
an image of some bottles with labels on them
Mousegraphics / Foodscross / Premium Honey
like this packaging very much: simple, clean and different to the usual honey-design ;)
the process of painting oranges with acrylic paint
Aesthetics of Food
Packaging Design poster | Fruit stamp | Great graphic design idea | Make stamps from fruit | Creative Ink
an image of the back side of a computer screen with different colors and patterns on it
Miel Sauvage
Popatrz na ten projekt w @Behance: „Miel Sauvage”
an orange bottle is shown with eight bottles in front of it and six on the bottom
Training To Be A Beekeeper
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a bottle of wine that is sitting on a white surface with a black and white label
Packaging Archives - Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio
Pinyeres red wine. Celler Masroig commissioned us to redesign one of their most emblematic products, Castell de les Pinyeres. In the XVIII century the township of Les Pinyeres was added to El Masroig and as a result they came up with a new flag that we have used as an inspiration to design the label.
several different types of cardboard boxes with lids and handles, all lined up on top of each other
Sunshine picnic
packaging / Sunshine picnic
several different pictures with some type of artwork on them, including books and other things
Here you go lets go on a picnic #packaging curated via Packaging Diva PD... - a grouped images picture
lets go on a #picnic #packaging curated via Packaging Diva PD - created via