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Climbing the Dragon Gate III by ~puimun    In Chinese and Japanese legend the lowly carp spends its life trying to swim up the Yellow River. At the source of the river is a great roaring waterfall. If the koi were able to swim up that waterfall, it would be rewarded and transformed into a dragon. Thus, the koi is a symbol of personal advancement, perseverance, determination in the face of impossible obstacles, and inner strength.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Climbing the Dragon Gate III I love the dragon & koi, If I ever got a tattoo of either of these they would have to be together.

Darth Vader, STARWARS- "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

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Darth Vader

Just Vader's helmet, you say? This completely embodies the inner struggle of good v. evil (Light v. Dark Side) Anakin constantly has to live with, being the Chosen One. The high contrast photo is a metaphorically brilliant idea!

Bane. Tom Hardy. Wow.

the prolouge (online) about bane reminds me of Rammstein actually a good thing accent excuse me, i still won’t post/tell any spoilers herz brennt