Make the cones out of paper plates instead of buying expensive Styrofoam ones!!

Using paper plates as tree bases instead of styrofoam. From: being grown up: Decorating the Mantle. Well Decorating the Window Sill!

How to make moss covered balls!

How to Make Moss Covered Balls

How to make moss covered balls! Garden art is appreciated and adds color even when color is sparse.

Peppermint Candy Topiaries...

Peppermint Candy Topiaries featuring Lor from Show Tell Share {Handmade Holidays Project No.15

Furniture and Accessories. Fascinating Cute Red White Peppermint Topiary Trees with Lovely Red Bows for Easy Home Christmas Party Interior Decorating Ideas. Nice Simple and Affordable Interior Decoration Ideas for Christmas Centerpieces

party love ♥: lollipop topiary

Use pink white and purple coloured lollipops. Have white Stand or wrap fabric around. Have a pale purple Flower Pot Base,