Corset - This is so stinking cute.  Now if I can only follow the picture directions since it's in Chinese I believe.

Oh my, so detailed ~~ "DIY Doll Dresses. This reminds me of my grandmothers who both made beautiful Barbie clothes for her. She was my best dressed doll.

Suitcase Tutorial : Tiny! More, larger bigger photos at this site. Not able to pin them.

Mini suitcases made out wood blocks ~ I want to make these, but with them cut in half and hinged. Carve out the insides to be just like a miniature suitcase! I like their ideas for decorating them.

••   ミニチュアトートバッグ*リボン*3個セット03


•• ミニチュアトートバッグ*リボン*3個セット03

••   * Bolsa de miniatura * Conjunto de 3 * naturales *