цвет - color подходит - suitable (suits you, fits you) не подходит - not suitable


I thought to be a Winter you'd need to have very cool and ashy tones, but Deep Winter is actually both warm and cool tones; I'm back to uncertain between deep winter and deep autumn :) a few colors that overlap? Black, Chinese Blue, and Emerald Green


Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone A guide for autumn or warm season complexions and skin tones, Autumn or fall season best colors for makeup, clothing, accessories, and jewelry

Цветотип. Часть № 6.  Цветотип Контрастное лето. http://gidstyles.ru

Cool Summer - Not diggin' that brown, though. I don't think brown is normally in "cool summer" color charts.


SeasonalColorAnalysis: Clear Spring - I finally had my colours done (for free) and now I know I'm a clear spring - funny I was wearing a top that had heaps of these colours in it.funny how you are generally drawn to the right colours :-)

летний цветотип палитра - Яндекс.Картинки #yandeximages

Season Color Analysis Let's find your seasonal color group and you can wear your perfect colors