Sivad :ô Yesnik

Sivad :ô Yesnik

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Sivad :ô Yesnik
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INGREDIENTS 6 cups water (distilled is best, but tap is fine) ½ cup blue Dawn (liquid) dish detergent (NON ultra, original works best) ½ cup cornstarch (known as cornflour in the UK) 1 tbsp baking POWDER 1 tbsp glycerine

Hand Dyed Pasta for Sensory Bins

The easiest way to dye pasta for sensory play, fine motor activities and toddler crafts. No mess! No waste! No rubbing alcohol!

Easy way to dye rice for sensory play

How to dye rice - 3 easy steps - no alcohol no waste - happy hooligans (note: I'll be trying this with natural dyes)