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tanks | American M-60 tanks operating on European highway during the Cold War.

American tanks operating on European highway during the Cold War. The American Interstate and Defense Highway Program created in 1955 was based on wartime experience with the German Autobahns during the Second World War

Soviet Poster.

FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery has recently acquired a limited number of interesting Soviet vintage propaganda posters, covering a vari.

soviet poster

soviet poster-protection of the Fatherland - the sacred duty of every citizen of…

SOVIET ARMED FORCES MUSEUM, MOSCOW | Army 25 Soviet armed forces photos

Soviet VDV paratroopers scouting the forest on the other side of the creek.

auto's van de sovjet unie die wapens dragen wat in Cuba hadden de russen allemaal raketten enz. neergezet

In de Sovjet Unie waren auto's die bommen en wapendracht