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Счастье повсюду... Счастье в простых вещах... Ощущения счастья на фото... / Happiness is everywhere ... Happiness in simple things ... a feeling of happiness on the photo ...

don't get me wrong, this photo is AMAZING! a feeling of total freedom kinda, BUT being terrified of heights SHE\"S NUTS to lay on the edge like that, LOL :)

freedom by DoganErol1

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с дельфином...)

This is a big one, I want to swim with dolphins! I love that some of my dreams seem too big or difficult to achieve, but I know I can! And one day, I WILL swim with dolphins =)


Wheat grass, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina are all true marvels of nature. These green foods contain some very potent antioxidants.


Kimberly Snyder Nutritionist and NYT Best Selling Author talks about the importance of helping your kids eat healthier around the Holidays.

если вы счастливы...

I want to stand by an ocean and have my dress turn into butterflies.


Over 108 people liked this! Best feeling ever! Cuddling up with a blanket. I love the innocence in this picture


Really beautiful and engeretic uplifting tune from Turkish producer JosephAli with 'Take Me Away' in his flowing mix version.


Corey Davis from Northern California started without anything…even without a father… and all the odds were against him. When he was a baby, his father drowned in a freak accident, leaving his mother a widow