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Noragami Yato Actually can't cope with how kawaii this is! Aww with his little shrine!

Noragami ~~ God of Calamity :: Yato

Noragami ~~ Stunning image of the past version of Yato God of Calamity

Kofuku!  #kofuku #noragami #anime

This is momoki. She is and loves balancing things on her head, because she wants to be a ballerina and is trying to stand up straight. She is very energetic and will love you forever. XD <<<< noragami ebisu kofuku chibi standing on one leg


Someday in life I want a cute boyfriend just like this(:. :P (yukine-noragami)


No no Yato, come here, you are not allowed to look so sad (gorgeous art btw)…

Yato and Yukine

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