Weaving with a hulla hoop I'm sure many fabrics could be upcycled for this project.

Rainy Day Kid Craft - create a rug using a Hoola Hoop and old shirts. Fun project to do at the Farmer's Market

Geldscheine kreativ zu Origami Einhörnern falten – DIY Anleitung

Geldscheine kreativ zum Origami Einhorn falten – DIY Anleitung

How to Lucet

Our durable wooden Knitting Fork (also known as a lucet) is an easy way to introduce children to the art of knitting. Lucet knitting is a traditional craft that dates back to medieval times. The lucet

Un lucet : je connais les tricotins, mais là, je découvre cet objet qui aiguise ma curiosité.

LUCET -Choose from Assorted sizes and Wood types.The really small sizes are meant for decorative purposes only. (Crafters, you may want to make you own jewelry with these, or use them as embellishments for display dolls?