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I like how the background is composed of broken up images in itself rather than a solid colour which means the front image stands out more.

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Communism propaganda. Spain

Communism propaganda, Spanish Civil War, Spain - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Russian propaganda poster

Shop Poster with Vintage Stalin Propaganda Print created by cardland.

Soviet space program propaganda poster 3

Posters of the golden age of Soviet cosmonauts: Iraklii Toidze, In the Name of Peace, 1959

Sputnik  oct 4 1957

Grandpa Jolly loved viewing Sputnik, the first artificial satellite was launched on October

cccp cosmonaut girl - I love Andrew Bawidamann's lines (and curves). Not sure how you missed this Cosmo-naughty:)

The Ultimate Collection of Science Fiction Pin-Up Art [NSFW]

Andrew Bawidamann - Retro future Soviet Cosmonaut pinup girl, so hot!

1920 C URSS dont bawl

Art prints Vintage poster Poster 123 by SovietPoster on Etsy

Soviet poster

Soviet poster Text: Stronger punch at enemy! My xlation: "Hit the enemy harder!


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"Expose and destroy provocateurs and spreaders of malicious rumors." (V. Milashevskii), 1941.

Vigilance is our weapon. Expose and destroy provocateurs and spreaders of malicious rumors.

Все курят, советская реклама сигарет

Old russian poster

Нигде кроме как в Моссельпроме. Рекламные шедевры СССР и царской России

Galoshes with Triangle trademark. Every cooperative store should have Resintrust galoshes on sale, 1925 by V.

Vintage Soviet road safety posters

When you hear the signal of the car that is going around you, slow down and give him space to pass you.

Соберем металлолом! (1966 год)

We collect scrap metal!

"Learn technology, be first in the ranks of socialism builders" USSR poster.

Mastering the machinery, be in the first ranks of the builders of the communism…