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Alpacasso are very popular of course in Japan, but also in the United States! Alpacasso are kawaii characters inspired by Alpaca, social herd animals!

Thin Girl, Daddys Girl, Skinny Girls, Pretty Girls, Angel Aesthetic, Thigh Gaps, Goal, Anorexia, Super Skinny, Summer, Girls, Inner Thigh Gaps, Cute Girls, Target

Just like Sushi |

Just like Sushi |

Pink Hair, Neon, Whoville Hair, Roses, Rose Pink Hair, Rosa Hair, Neon Tetra

Joanna Bajena

Joanna Bajena for Zone 7 Magazine by Mark Wahl Photographer: Mark Wahl Hair & Makeup: Dominic Wahl Model: Joanna Bajena

Blushing Regal Portraits - The Iga by Natalia and Marcin Kontraktewicz Image Series is Demure (GALLERY)

Natalia Madejska - Entitled ‘Blossom’, this pastel-hued portrait series by photographer Natalia Madejska exudes an ethereal air. Embracing a palette of li.