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Hidden Valley Hibiscus - Pruning Hibiscus

Jessica - I couldn't pick just one - so many beautiful colors to choose from! Hibiscus Flower 'Gold Mine' in high heat. Carotenids increase in hot weather.

'Silver Dollar' blooms with large 6-8" silvery lavender flowers with a bright red eye. The bush is tall, somewhat lanky, and floriferous. Th...

Exotic Hibiscus 'Silver Dollar' This catalog has a huge variety of hibiscus. My plants come back every year and are always a highlight of my garden.

Giant Hibiscus

Dinnerplate Hibiscus/ Brazen Steed/ Perennial Flower Seed/ Easy to Grow/ Huge Inch Flowers Fast growing / tall Zones 5 - 9 Full Sun, Partial Shade